Två Fisk & En Fläsk

TVÅ FISK OCH EN FLÄSK was formed in January 1994 as an acoustic trio with the intention to play medieval music. The form of a trio showed too limited and the line-up growed to six (sometimes seven) members: vocals, two violins, 12-stringed guitar and percussion. The material mostly consisted of medieval ballads from Sweden, but also music from other parts of Europe and from more recent times.

TVÅ FISK OCH EN FLÄSK played in festivals and rockclubs, in bars and in the streets, acoustic and amplified.

Press photos from the first CD, TVÅ FISK OCH EN FLÄSK (Non Stop Records 1998, NSM 33-30). Marcas Oreglia (violin), Olof Öberg (guitar), Umer Mossige-Norheim (vocals), Jie Zelf (percussion), Jan Liljekvist (violin) & Stebbe Grapenmark (percussion).




Medieval Festival in Visby, Gotland, 1998.





Press photos from the second CD, JUNGFRUBUREN (Non Stop Records 1998, NSM 33-32). Jan Liljekvist (violin), Sebastian Åberg (percussion), Gustaf Esters (percussion), Stebbe Grapenmark (percussion), Marcas Oreglia (violin) & Umer Mossige-Norheim (vocals).

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